Building Your Network for Grant and Career Success


02/19/19 12 PM ET


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GrantChat Question Preview 

Q1: Why is it important to be aware of and deliberate about our developing and nurturing networks?  

 Q2: When you think about your professional learning network, how has your network impacted your professional and personal life? 

Q3: How does the organization where you work(ed) build and expand their network? What lessons have you learned from their efforts, success, or failure in network building?

Q4: What steps do you take to include people in your network that challenge your decisions and push you to be better? Is this a strong or weak area in your network?

Q5: What steps have you taken to develop your professional network? What motivated you to take those steps? What were/are the results?  

Q6: When you have a rough day or you get off track, do you have people in your network who support you and with whom you can relax and be yourself? Is this a strong or weak area in your network?  

Q7: Do you have a people that support and hold you accountable for having a work/life balance and taking part in activities that promote your physical, mental and spiritual well-being? Is it a strong or weak area in your network? 

Q8:  Who or what has made a major impact on your network? Why would you consider it a ‘major impact?’ 

Q9: How do you actively support people in your networks (personal and or professional)? 

Q10: What advice do you have for grant professionals to build their networks?


GrantChat Chat Transcript

The GrantChat community shared their insights, experiences, and some great opportunities for building your network for grant and career success.

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Host: Jo Miller, GPC  @jomillergpc 

Presented by: SmartEGrants @smartegrants

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