Getting Started with Grants: What They Don't Tell You


02/12/19 12 PM ET


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Q1: Before we get into the tools you use, tell us why (not how) using tools at work helps you? 

Q2: What tools do you use to schedule items on your calendar? Why did you choose the tool(s)? 

Q3: What tools do you use to share files with your grant team, partners, and others? Why?

Q4: What tools do you use to write, edit, and review content? Why? 

Q5: What tools do you use to track projects and or manage teams? Why? 

Q6: Big projects create a lot of chaos. It takes a great deal of energy to keep them on target. How do you reenergize during or after a big, chaotic project? 

Q7: What is one thing you need to change in your professional life to be more organized in 2019?

Q8: What impact would being more organized in your professional life have on your personal life in 2019?

Q9: What tool do you wish you had access to or someone would make? Why? 

Q10: What tool are you curious about trying?  Why? What help could you use to get the most out of trying the tool? 

GrantChat Chat Transcript

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Host: Jo Miller, GPC  @jomillergpc 

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