GrantChat - Getting the Most Out of Your Conferences

We are getting ready for the Grant Professionals Association conference that will be held November 3-6 in Seattle, Washington. As we prepare for the conference, we are discussing ways to ensure that we get the most out of the conference, whether we are attending in-person, virtually, or a mix. Join us for the Twitter chat at 12:00 Noon ET for our Twitter Q & A and in Advance In Grants - GrantChat community.

GrantChat Questions

Check-In Question: Have you ever been to #Seattle? If so, what did you love or do you recommend? If not, what would you love to see and do in #Seattle? #GrantChat

Question 01: Are you attending @GPANational conference on November 3-6? Why or why not? If you’re attending, will it be virtually or in-person? Also, what are you most looking forward to at #GPAConf21? #GrantChat

Question 02: Before you get to a conference, what steps do you take to prepare for your best conference experience? #GrantChat #GPAConf21

Question 03: How do you decide which sessions to attend during a conference? How do you track your session picks? #GrantChat #GPAConf21

Question 04: What are the first 3 things that do when you arrive at a conference? #GrantChat #GPAConf21

Question 05: What can a conference attendee do to meet others who share a common interest or are dealing with the same issues? #GrantChat #GPAConf21

Question 06: How do you track your schedule and events during a conference? #GrantChat #GPAConf21

Question 07: How do you stay connected before, during and after a conference with other conference attendees? #GrantChat #GPAConf21

Question 08: How do you ensure that you capture great ideas at the conference and that you will take action to implement those ideas once you get back to your organization? #GrantChat #GPAConf21

Question 09: How do you continue professional development after a conference? #GrantChat #GPAConf21

Question 10: What tip would you give first-time attendees of a conference or, specifically, the @GPAnational conference? #GrantChat #GPAConf21


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