Preplanning Grants - Plan Your Plan for Grant Success


Check In Question: What is your favorite beverage to have while writing? Caffeinated? Hot? Cold? #GrantChat 

 Q1: Pre-planning is deciding HOW to get something done before starting on it. What does pre-planning mean to *you* in the grant profession#GrantChat

Q2: What do you think pre-planning (plan the plan) around grants means to your colleagues/clients? #GrantChat

Q3: What is the percentage of grants that you are involved in that are pre-planned? Have or do you want to change processes to impact the percentage? #GrantChat

 Q4: What barriers have you experienced for getting a grant strategy and or applications pre-planned? #GrantChat

Q5: What are the biggest benefits for you when conducting pre-planning (planning your plan) for your #grant applications? #GrantChat

 Q6: What application pitfalls have you experienced that likely would have been avoided with pre-planning?  #GrantChat

 Q7: What is your standard plan for how you approach the application process for grant opportunities?  At what point does pre-planning happen in your approach? #GrantChat

Q8: What strategies or tools are your secret weapon for engaging your colleagues and or leadership in pre-planning? #GrantChat

 Q9:  How do you transition the team from planning mode to application development mode? #GrantChat

 Q10: How has your approach to pre-planning changed during your career as a grant professional so far?  #GrantChat

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