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What Would You Do? 

Grant professionals face ethical and other challenges nearly every day. We navigate sticky situations, guide partners through unchartered territory, and experience pressure to make exceptions to the rules.  Our What Would You Do chats are some of our favorite conversations. If you have a situation you would like to us to discuss in an upcoming chat or in the GrantChat community, let us know! 

Question Preview: 

CIQ: What have you recently discovered about yourself or your work that surprised you? #GrantChat

Q1: You (consultant or employee) have been asked to work with a consultant on a large grant project. You end up doing most of the work. What would you do? #WWYD #GrantChat

Q2: Your client/boss says that they don’t care what the funder wants/requires, they are going to design the project the way they know it will work and submit the application based on that design .  What would you do? #WWYD #GrantChat

Q3: Your organization is applying for a Technical Assistance grant, however, leadership states that they just want the money and won’t need the technical assistance? What would you do? #GrantChat

Q4: The organization you work for is a small nonprofit. They want to apply for a grant that is equivalent to 50% of their budget? What would you do? #GrantChat

Q5: A board member with connections to a grantmaker tells the ED that they want the organization to apply for a specific grant. The grant isn’t in alignment with the nonprofit’s strategic plan. What Would You Do? #GrantChat

Q6: You submitted an excellent proposal. It was denied. What would you do? #GrantChat

Q7: Your organization wants to base your performance reviews on the number of grant applications that you produce and the number of grant awards that you get for the organization? What would you do?  #GrantChat

Q8: You are the lone grant professional in your organization. You need advice and connections to other grant professionals? What would you do? #GrantChat

Q9: A nonprofit board assigns a grant opportunity to you that the organization is not in a position to win. It is eligible but it is not ready or competitive enough. What would you do? #GrantChat

Q10: When you have grant ethics questions or challenges, what resources do you use to get answers or to address challenges? #GrantChat

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