GC_020921 Love Our Grantmakers

How do we love our grantmakers? Let us count the ways! 

GrantChat Questions Preview: 

CIQ: What are you grateful for this week? #GrantChat 

Q1: Love Connection - How have connections and partnerships helped you to secure more funding? #GrantChat 

Q2: Falling for You - What has your organization done that sets you apart and made a grantmaker fall head over heels for you? #GrantChat

Q3: Breaking Up is Hard to Do - Have you ever had to or wanted to break-up with a funder? If so, why? #GrantChat

Q4: What’s Your Love Language - How do you identify your funders preferred communication style? #GrantChat

Q5: Matchmaker - How do you know when a #grantmaker is a great match or mismatch? #GrantChat

Q6: Love Notes - How do you show your appreciation for your grantmakers  ? #GrantChat

Q7: Out of League - Have you secured a grant from a grantmaker that you thought was out of your organization's league? #GrantChat

 Q8: Unrequited Love - What do you do when the grantmaker doesn’t pick your proposal?  #GrantChat

 Q9: Blind Date - How do you get a date with a grant maker who doesn’t accept unsolicited proposals? #GrantChat

Q10: Love at First Sight -  What do you love about your grantmakers? #GrantChat

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