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GrantChat Questions 

Check-In Question: Checking in - How are you? How can the community help make your day better? #GrantChat

Q1: What comes to mind when we say “collaborative grant writing?” #GrantChat

Q2: What are your greatest challenges for working collaboratively when developing a grant and writing different parts of a grant application? #GrantChat

Q3: How do you prefer to divide the workload when collaborating to write various parts of a grant application? #GrantChat

Q4: Do you think there is a difference in having one grant professional versus how the grant writing process should happen when two organizations are collaborating and both agencies have a grant professional? Why? What if one #GrantPro is a consultant? #GrantChat 

Q5: What do you think was a key factor in the most successful grant writing collaboration you’ve been part of? In subsequent grant writing collaborations have you tried to duplicate that key factor for success? What worked? #GrantChat 

Q6: What tools have you found that help you work collaboratively, especially with grant writing? Why does it work? What cautions would you add? #GrantChat

Q7: Why is it important to engage in collaborative grant writing rather than do it alone? (We see you #LoneGrantPros - we know you’re there and want collaboration too.) #GrantChat

Q8: What barriers have you experienced in getting others to engage in collaborative grant writing? How have or will you overcome those barriers? #GrantChat

Q9: Do you ever reference GPCI competencies to help determine strengths for collaborative efforts? Why or why not? #GrantChat

Q10: What tip do you have for those who are just entering their first grant writing collaborative experience? #GrantChat

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