GrantChat Questions 032420 Progress in Uncertain Times

Check-In Question: What has made you smile/laugh in the past week:? #GrantChat

Question 01: How has your work environment changed in the past couple of weeks in response to the Coronavirus? #GrantChat

Question 02: Are you experiencing new challenges in your work with grants as a result of the #CoronaVirus response? If so, what are the new challenges? #GrantChat

Question 03: How have you adapted to changes in your environment, organization processes, grant deadlines, or (state other)? What adaptation have you tried that worked for you or what has not worked? #GrantChat

Question 04: Do you think you will be applying for more grants in 2020 due to the impact of the Coronavirus? Why or why not? #GrantChat

Question 05: How are your skills, knowledge, and expertise in grants helping you, your community, and or the organizations you work with to step up to the challenge outside of your work with grants? #GrantChat

Question 06: Have you had or heard of a positive or inspiring experience in response to the Coronavirus? If so, can you share it with us? #GrantChat

Question 07: What resources have you found helpful in supporting you and your work during these challenging and uncertain times? #GrantChat

Question 08: Have you learned to use a new technology or taught others to use technology in the past few weeks? If so, what is the tech and what did you learn from your experience? #GrantChat

Question 09: Are you okay? #GrantChat

Question 10: How can the #GrantChat community support you during this uncertain time?

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