GC_020221 General Operating Grants


General Operating Grants: Impact, Stability, and Capacity

CIQ: Who is your favorite #SuperHero and why? #GrantChat 

Q1: How do you define general operating funds? #GrantChat

Q2: Can a nonprofit have many grants but not enough operating funds? If so, what can happen in these situations? #GrantChat

Q3: Some grantmakers think that #GeneralOperatingGrants are not as accountable as restricted project grants. What would you say to a grantmaker who is open to discussing this belief? #GrantChat

Q4: Some grantmakers have not supported #GeneralOperatingGrants because they believe supporting projects is a better fit with their mission? What would you like to share with grantmakers who are open to a dialog about this?  #GrantChat

Q5: Have you had success in securing #GeneralOperatingGrants? If not, why? If so, was it a fluke or do you secure these general operating funds each year?  #GrantChat

Q6: If you don’t receive general operating grants, how are your general operating costs funded? #GrantChat

Q7: If your organization/client received a significant general operating grant, what kind of impact would that have on your organization/client? #GrantChat

Q8: If you had a flexible grant for capacity building within your organization, what areas would your organization/client grow, build, or shore up? #GrantChat

Q9: Have you ever given or received a flexible funding grant? If so, what kind of impact did it make? #GrantChat

Q10: Please share some advice, resources, articles, or thoughts on #GeneralOperatingGrants and flexible grant funding. #GrantChat


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