Gratitude - GrantChat 11/17/2020


Q1: What are you grateful for today? This year? #GrantChat

Q2:  What does ‘Grant Gratitude’ mean to you? #GrantChat

Q3: How does your organization/client currently express “Grant Gratitude”? #GrantChat

 Q4: Does your expression of “Grant Gratitude” vary by funder? How do you decide on an approach? #GrantChat

Q5: How do you engage others from your team in expressing “Grant Gratitude”? #GrantChat

Q6: Where do we tend to fail most in giving “Grant Gratitude”? #GrantChat

 Q7: What expression of “Grant Gratitude” resonates with you? Grand gestures, simple thank yous, a mix? #GrantChat

Q8: What do you think are best practices related to expressing “Grant Gratitude”? #GrantChat

 Q9: When have you - personally - received great “Grant Gratitude?” What made it great? #GrantChat

Q10: What piece of advice would you give to a new grant pro re: expressing “Grant Gratitude”? #GrantChat

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