GRantChat_061521 Grant Readiness

Grant Readiness - Building Skills and Competencies to Prepare for Grants

Q1: What is the most important skill that #GrantProfessional needs to develop when it comes to #GrantReadiness? #GrantChat

Q2: What are you looking for when you assess an organization’s #GrantReadiness? #GrantChat

Q3: As a #GrantProfessional, do you assess an organization’s #GrantReadiness a once a year or does it occur more often? Why? How? #GrantChat

Q4: When #GrantProfessionals work with organizations that prioritize #GrantReadiness in strategic planning and program design, what benefits does the organization experience? #GrantChat

Q5: What tools have you used to evaluate an organization’s or program’s level of #GrantReadiness? #GrantChat

 Q6: How has your/the organization’s #GrantReadiness strategy changed throughout the past year? #GrantChat

Q7: What #GrantReadiness resources or activities helped your organization meet increasing demands on services, shifts in focus, virtual work, and opportunities for funding during the past 18 months? #GrantChat

Q8: Which skills and competencies identified by the @GPCInstitute have helped you to assist organizations in prioritizing #GrantReadiness?? #GrantChat 

Q9: In regards to #GrantReadiness, what has been your or the organization’s greatest lesson in the past year? #GrantChat

Q10: On a scale of 1-10, how important is a #GrantReadiness strategy for an organization or program that receives more than 25% of their budget from grants? Why? How would you explain this to an orgs' leadership? #GrantChat


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