Grant What Would You Do?

GrantChat 08/10/2021

Q1:The stress level and time commitment from the numerous overlapping grant deadlines in your current position is not sustainable. WWYD? #GrantsWWYD #GrantChat

Q2: Your boss/client wants you to go after as many grants as possible. They send you opportunities that are aligned with the orgs mission. You mention this but they say apply anyway. What would you do? #GrantWWYD #GrantChat

Q3: Your program officer makes it to meetings and is incredibly supportive. However, they join the video conferencing from their bathroom (sitting on the toilet). Based on a true story. What would you do?  #GrantWWYD  #GrantChat

Q4: You discover that a colleague  is breaching the @GPAnational and or @afpihq code of ethics through their work. WWYD? #GrantWWYD #GrantChat

Q5: Your organization is behind on clear benchmarks for a current grant project.  Leadership states that they want you to apply for a 2nd grant for the same project. WWYD?  GrantWWYD?  #GrantChat

 Q6: You find out that the organization you work with has falsely certified that the organization is conducting criminal history checks. The program manager states that they don’t have enough money to pay for the required CHCs. What would you do? GrantWWYD? #GrantChat

Q7: You discover that an ED or faculty member is using grant funds to pay for personal expenses? #WWYD? #GrantWWYD  #GrantChat

Q8: You are developing a grant application for a research grant and you suspect that the researcher is using fraudulent data to compete for federal funds? #WWYD? #GrantWWYD #GrantChat

Q9: As you are working on grant reports and budgets for a program, you discover that the program director is underpaying or not paying  workers/contractors/invoices? #WWYD? #GrantWWYD #GrantChat

Q10: What has been some of the best advice that you have received that has helped you through some tough situations? Shout outs to great advice givers are welcome. #GrantChat

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