Going for the Grant...or Not

How do you decide when to go for a grant or when to say no to a grant 'opportunity'?

CIQ: If you could or are planning a road trip soon, where would you want to or will  go? #GrantChat 

Q1: What is your biggest challenge when people bring you a #grant ‘opportunity’#GrantChat

Q2: Do you have a grant team or committee that decides which grants you apply for? If so, who is on the team? #GrantChat

Q3: What percent of your time is spent researching your best fit funder and grant opportunities? What impacts that percent of time? #GrantChat

Q4: What tools do you use to research funders and grant applications? How do you share those with others? #GrantChat

Q5: Do you use a #GrantDecisionMatrix or another tool for you go / no go grant decisions?  #GrantChat

Q6: How can a tool like a #GrantDecisionMatrix help your team and organization get a better ROI for your #grant efforts? #GrantChat

Q7: When do you say no to a grant opportunity? #GrantChat

Q8: How do your clients or bosses respond to you when you say ‘no’ to a grant 'opportunity'? #GrantChat

Q9: How can you help your clients or organization gain skills in identifying best fit grant opportunities? #GrantChat

Q10: What tips, tools, or resources do you have to make better, faster grant ‘go/no-go decisions? #GrantChat

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