GrantChat 06/08/21 Credentialing

Credentialing: Challenges, Changes, and Career Advancement

Q1: Do you have a professional credential? If so, what is the value you find in having it? #GrantChat   

Q2: Have you considered dual certification/credential with CFRE or NGMAs certification? Any other professional certification? Why or why not? #GrantChat 

Q3: How can employers support professional credentialing?  Does your employer support professional credentialing? #GrantChat 

Q4: What tactics/resources have you used to prepare for a professional credential? Did the preparation process help sharpen your skills beyond what you learned through more experience “on the job”? #GrantChat 

Q5: What are the greatest barriers to earning a professional credential? Please share questions and tips to overcome those barriers? #GrantChat 

Q6: Have those w/ certification (GPC or other) noticed a salary increase after certifying? What are other benefits to earning a professional credential? #GrantChat 

Q7: Does having a GPC benefit specific roles in the development/grant team more than others? Why? #GrantChat 

Q8: When you learn that another professional has their GPC and/or another professional credential, does that change your perception of that professional’s work? #GrantChat 

Q9: For those without a GPC, CFRE, or other professional credentials/certifications, what is keeping you from pursuing the credential or certification? How can we help? #GrantChat 

Q10: What are other ways that you demonstrate your commitment to the profession besides earning a professional credential? #GrantChat


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