GrantChat - Using IRS Form 990 and 990-PF for Grant Research

Are You Using IRS Form 990s and 990-PF in Your Grant Research?


(12:04) Check In Question: Which social media channels do you prefer for business use? For personal use? Why? #GrantChat

(12:09) Q1: Do you use IRS 990 and or 990 PF in process/practice? If so, how did you learn to read an IRS Form 990?  #GrantChat

(12:14) Q2: What is your go-to source for accessing IRS Form 990s when researching for funding opportunities? Why? #GrantChat

 (12:19) Q3: When researching private foundations (PF), how do you use the information you read on a Form 990-PF to support your research? #GrantChat

(12:24) Q4: What is the best piece of information you learned from a Form 990 or 990-PF? #GrantChat

 (12:29) Q5: What is the one piece of information that you always read first on Form 990 or Form 990-PF? Second? Why? #GrantChat

(12:34) Q6: How well do you know your organization/client’s Form 990s? Why do you think grant professionals should know their internal Form 990s?  #GrantChat

(12:39) Q7: What is the key thing that you think funders are looking at when they look at #nonprofits Form 990?  #GrantChat

(12:44) Q8: With a plethora of information in Form 990s, is there something that you wish was included in the filing that isn’t readily or consistently available? #GrantChat

(12:49) Q9: What inconsistencies have you found between an organization’s other reports and their 990 because of individual organization’s interpretation in completing Form 990s? #GrantChat

(12:54) Q10: Where does the Form 990 or 990-PF fall in your prioritized order of information that you use for your research? #GrantChat

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