GC_042721 Career Resilience


CIQ: Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist? #GrantChat

Q1: How do you define career resilience?#GrantChat

Q2: Why is resilience an important skill to cultivate for your career development? #GrantChat

Q3: What kinds of career experiences test your career resilience? #GrantChat

Q4: When we experience low career resilience what kinds of things can happen? #GrantChat

Q5: What role do relationships play in building career resilience? #GrantChat

Q6: What role does professional development play in career resilience? #GrantChat

Q7: What role does goal setting and aspirations play in career resilience? #GrantChat

Q8: What role does a person’s values and expectations play in career resilience ?


Q9: Have you faced a career setback that challenged your career resilience ? What helped you get past the challenge and thrive? #GrantChat

Q10: What resources or tools can you share with the community to help us build greater career resilience?  #GrantChat


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