Professional Development for the Grant Professional


CIQ: What TV show song from your childhood can you still sing word for word? #GrantChat 

Q1: What does professional development mean to you and why is it important to you? #GrantChat #ProfessionalDevelopment 

Q2: What barriers or challenges do you experience or consider when planning your professional development? Has that changed in 2021? If so, how?  #GrantChat #ProfessionalDevelopment 

Q3: How could your environments (work, home, networks) be more supportive environment for your professional development? #GrantChat #ProfessionalDevelopment

Q4: Which conferences are you hoping to attend in the next 12 months? Which conferences do you WISH you could attend? #GrantChat #ProfessionalDevelopment

Q5: Which courses or exams are you taking or plan to take? How will it help your professional development? #GrantChat #ProfessionalDevelopment

Q6: Have you developed a professional development strategy? How do you decide and who is involved in creating your professional development strategy? #GrantChat #ProfessionalDevelopment

Q7: Have you experienced #TestAnxiety? How have you tackled anxiety or nervousness regarding test and/or professional development? #GrantChat #ProfessionalDevelopment

Q8: What are the professional development opportunities that have made the greatest impact on your career? #GrantChat #ProfessionalDevelopment

Q9: What is on your ‘big dream’ or wish list item your for professional development? #GrantChat #ProfessionalDevelopment

Q10: Please share some professional development resources with the #GrantChat community that you think would help a fellow GrantChat-er. #ProfessionalDevelopment

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