GC032321 Grant Research - Finding Your Best-Fit Funder

GrantChat 03/23/21 Question Preview:

CIQ: Spring has sprung! What is your favorite part about Spring?  #GrantChat 

Q1:  What does ‘best-fit funder’ mean to you?  #GrantChat

Q2: What are the 3-5 key points that you use to identify a best-fit funder? #GrantChat

Q3: Does your board and/or team know how to identify your best-fit funders?  Why or why not? #GrantChat

Q4: What is the benefit of having your board and team know how to identify your best-fit funders?  #GrantChat

Q5: How do you find and track your best-fit funders?  #GrantChat

Q6: What are some of the steps you can take to reach out to a best-fit funder when a grant opportunity is not open? #GrantChat

Q7: What makes you a best-fit grantee for your best-fit funders?  #GrantChat

Q8: What steps will you take to increase your organization’s appeal as a best-fit grantee? #GrantChat

Q9: What steps will or can you take to increase your board and or staff’s understanding and involvement in identifying your best-fit funder?  #GrantChat

Q10: Please share words of wisdom, tips, or gifs on finding and connecting to a best-fit funder.  #GrantChat

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