Your Career - Default or By Design

 CIQ: Do you want to build a snowman? #GrantChat 

Q1: How did you become a grant professional? Happy accident, careful planning, or ...? #GrantChat 

Q2: What percent of your career path has been up to others and what percent do you feel you had influence or control over? Why? #GrantChat

Q3: Have you had an unexpected experience in your professional life that has had a significant influence on your career path? If so - do tell.   #GrantChat

Q4: Was there a point in your career where you realized you wanted/needed to take more control or invest more time and energy in planning your career path? If so, what triggered that realization? #GrantChat

Q5: When you started your work in grants, how did you develop your skills in the first couple of years?  #GrantChat

Q6: When you think of times where you let others direct your career path, why were other people in the driver’s seat of your career? #GrantChat

Q7: When you take action to have a career by design, rather than dictated, what does that look like to you? #GrantChat

Q8: When you envision starting or achieving goals that others set for you vs career goals that you have set for yourself, is there a difference in how do you feel? Why?  #GrantChat

 Q9: What tools, resources, or people have helped you to achieve some of your career goals? #GrantChat

 Q10: Let’s celebrate achievements big and small. Do you have an achievement we can celebrate or is there someone else that you want us to cheer? Please share! #GrantChat

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