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"I love SmartEGrants' Grant Professional Course. It has given me a community. As a consultant, I work alone with few local learning opportunities. I feel like I'm learning and improving each and every day. And the private group is amazing. It's a safe place where I feel comfortable asking questions and know I'm going to get the answers I need. "

Trish Bachman, GPC
Owner and Lead Consultant, The Write Stuff Delaware

"The Grants Professional Course will make you a better grant writer. The material you cover in Grant Professional Course is extremely applicable. It's not just theory. With every lesson I thought 'Oh, we need to implement that now!' For instance, after the module on budgets I revised a grant I was writing for a community theater and included volunteer hours which helped beef up the budget significantly."

Bethany Turner, GPC
Owner and Lead Consultant, BMT Consulting

"I wanted to earn my Grant Professionals Credential. I felt like I was experienced enough and could pass the credentialing exam, but I needed some demystifying of how it works. And, even though I intended to earn the credential, I never really made space for it in my life in terms of preparing for it and reviewing all kinds of materials, books, and more. To me, joining SmartEGrants' Grant Professional Course was a way to hold myself accountable and get it done."

Kathy Hatfield, GPC
Kathy Hatfield Grant Solutions & Consultation

"I love that I have lifetime access to the Grant Professionals Course and Community. Not only did the Grant Professionals Course and the SmartE community help me with the Grant Professionals Certification exam and earning my GPC, but I had a stellar grant year in 2017 thanks to your course! I am looking forward to revisiting each module in 2018, and another stellar grant year!"

Elisa Strickler, MPA, GPC

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Looking for your tribe and training? Whether you are new to the grants profession or experienced, the Grant Professionals Course has what you need to reach your goals! The Grant Professionals Course offers an in-depth training system on the exact skills and competencies identified and evaluated by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute. SmartEGrants is a GPCI Approved Provider and full participation in the course is applicable for up to 40 CEUs. SmartEGrants' Grant Professional Association Approved Trainers and the SmartE community of professionals are ready to walk with you every step of the way! You'll build your grant toolbox confidently and tackle any grant project knowing that you've got the experience, expertise, and an entire community behind you!

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40 CEUs - Grant Professional Credential




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8 Modules with over 20 lessons with templates, checklists, and swipesheets

Progress tracking and learning assessments

Lifetime Access

Private community access with live training sessions

30-day money back guarantee

40 CEUs - Grant Professional Credential


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